Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well this week has been quick! The mission is just flyin by. So many things just happen so fast. I have been getting better at running in the morning. It really is addicting. I didn't stretch this morning and my calfs were screaming at me hlaf way thorough... but I kept pushing! It is great when you can defeat your body. The other day we went on this run that finished on along as uphill. it conquered me. I walked up a part of the hill. It was brutal.
We have some investigators that were supposed to come along to church and do other things... but they are all being slack! Rarr!! This is eternal life people! Stop being lame! So this week was a bit depressing. But the work goes on. My body is just recently getting used to the mission schedule. waking up in the mornings is usually easy. I just have more will power to get up and more of a reason to get up. I wanna keep the habit of waking up early. It is really good. I am reading Jesus the Christ again. I need some more insights. I am like halfway through all my studies. Halfway through the D&C, Book of mormon, and New Testament... so why not add just one more to it eh?!You can only do so much personal study because most of the time I am studying for the investigators. Trying to think how to teach the principles for them and how to really help them overcome their concerns, so studying for myself has become something you do at lunch, dinner and pday. So I dont' get heaps of time. thats why i'm like halfway through it all.
Elder page is the man. Oh and I have a post card I have meant to send. Fathers Day and Mothers Day are all different down here, so i basically forgot it was Fathers Day in the U.S. this weekend. But your gonna love the postcard... it is crack up.

Elder Langston

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