Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The First Letter

Finally that long awaited "First letter" from the MTC. We haven't gotten a picture so I found one that shows the real Abe. Like always, Abe is fitting into the routine just fine. He says that it's weird even thinking about girls. Now there's a change. His instructor is a "Cutie" but he wouldn't look at her fearing she'd think he was checking her out. His companion, Elder Gremert, is a little older and Abe appreciates his maturity. They taught a volunteer the first lesson at the TRC and she said she was very impressed that it was their first time. He stays very busy and can only write on P-Day which is Wednesday. Says He's had no homesickness, actually he loves being at the MTC. Abe is still Abe however. He and his companion have made harmony to "Ye Elders of Isreal" in whistle! That child is unique.

Hopfully there's another letter this weekend. We seem to be watching the mailbox pretty close.

FYI: Abe is scheduled to leave for Australia February 19

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thanks to Elaine and Tom Carlile

There is a wonderful couple that takes pictures of the missionaries that arrive at the Prove MTC on the shuttle. These new missionaries don't have a family there to take photos, so Elaine and Tom take over. We recieved this shot of 4 great young men. You should be able to pick Elder Langston out on the right side.