Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a week! On friday I was in exchanges and tracted into this kid. Yound kid, but we felt good to teach him. Gave him a pamphlet and return appointment. Didn't think it was anything solid so I didn't think much of it. But we went anyways after the meal. Well the kid came to the door and invited us in. We were a little bit in awe. We thought he forgot and was jsut then talking to his mum about it. But she came in and asked us to sit down. Then the other daughter came in. She was a little shocked, but we told them who we were, chatted with them then taught them the restoration! It was such a good lesson. They were all involved and asking good qustions and their learning was right on track! Then the son and girlfriend came in just after the Book of Mormon principle and they sat in a listened! It was such a great experence! They are having us back on Tuesday! This is the family I've been praying to find!

The whole day we didn't have any petrol and Ijust had complete faith that the Lord would provide! haha the light was on the whole day and we made it everywhere! The Lord is good.

Australian Wildlife

When we were going to transfers we went to Hungry Jacks (burger king) for a little breakfast lunch and last hoorah together. While we were there, there was a bird in the joint! Thankfully we were the only ones there with the workers. We must of looked like idiots trying to catch this thing! hahah but I caught it! I have it on film too! We had a really good chat to the managers and the workers about who we were and what we do. It was really good! and funny! work!