Sunday, June 15, 2008

Updates and New Pics

i want a t-shirt...

just a cool photo eh?

tai chi on the beach! beaut! we can't work out sunday mornings, so we walk on the beach

elder williamson the zl on exchanges

this is lori.. he is really funny bloke -(like that? i'm trying to sound aussie)

Things have been going really well. I went on exchanges this past weekend with Elder Williamson. I heard that he was quite a difficult Elder with which to work. I expected the worst and I actually had a good time with him. He is the Zone Leader. I am really trying to be as humble as I can, so I just told him that night, 'tell me the things I need to work on and don't sugar coat them' ... I hate when people do that... just tell them strait up ya know?! Anyways he told me some good things I can work on and I'm trying to get better. This transfer has flown by. it is the 6th week allready and transfers are next week. Elder Tupou thinks President is gonna throw me in deep water. I'm really worried. I'll at least learn how to swim!! or... to float. anyways, i'm thinking of gettinga tasmanian liscence?! It costs 25 bucks and they don't take my usa one... so then I like have proof that I lived in Tasmania?! Good suvanieer (spell check) maybe?! Um yeah, I have to stop wearing some of the ties I have. Pres. didn't like the really dull pink tie I wore to interviews... so I thought the almost glow in the dark orange one is not a good idea to wear. Maybe only on pdays. Yeah, well, other then that all is going well!